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FHA Inspection

HomeFront Inspection has an Ace up their Sleeve.

Realtors no longer have to worry about an inspection killing the deal. The inspectors at HomeFront inspection are not deal killers because their inspectors are trained to save deals even when the inspection reveals major problems.

This means more dollars in the Realtor’s pocket and time saved in finding another home.

The Problem with Sellers

Many times when a house has issues the seller can’t financially afford to fix it up before the inspection resolution deadline or even if the deadline was extended. In this case, the buyers would walk away from purchasing the home because of major problems that would cost the buyer many thousand dollars to repair after their purchase. Or, depending on the market the seller may feel they don’t have to do anything to make their house saleable. This may be true in some cases but if there are major issues discovered from the inspection the seller must then disclose these issues to the next buyer.

The seller doesn’t know that there is a solution to their dilemma. This is where the Realtor needs to inform the seller of the solution to their dilemma.

Without a solution, it is back to the drawing board for the Realtor to find another house for their client. This is a long process that could take several months before their client finds another home. This process could repeat if the next house was not suitable either.

The Problem with Inspectors

Most inspectors will inspect the home and present a report full of defects for the buyer to decipher. This isn’t necessarily the inspectors fault because that is what most inspectors do. Inspectors are taught that they can’t advise the buyer to buy or run away so most inspectors are not very helpful after the inspection. The problem with most inspectors is that they don’t have anything else to offer your buyer that would help close the deal.

There are only a handful of inspectors that are qualified to offer your buyer a solution to this problem.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the inspector could help close more deals for the realtors?

The Solution

The inspectors at Homefront Inspection are specially trained and hold the highest possible certification available to home inspectors. Currently there are only 6 inspectors that are fully certified to offer home buyers an alternative program.

Unlike conventional financing, these programs allow the buyer to have all the repairs done after closing. This eliminates the need for the seller to get the repairs done before closing. This also helps close the deal. It is a win-win for everyone.

However, you will need a well trained inspection company to help this process along. This is what separates Homefront Inspection from the rest. Our inspectors can perform a special inspection in addition to the regular home inspection the will inform the buyer what really needs to be done on the house to qualify for these programs. These repairs are then financed into their mortgage. One of the many advantages of these programs is the buyer gets to pick the contractor to have the repairs done their way.

Introduction to the Programs

More deals are closing with these programs then before. People that take advantage of these programs find them rewarding and the work is done to their satisfaction. Realtors like these programs because they close more homes.

The Federal Government have these programs to help buyers into their home. There are 2 programs commonly used. The first is the FHA 203k and the other is a Fannie Mae HomeStyle. These programs are supervised by a FHA Certified 203k Consultant. HomeFront Inspection has a FHA Certified Consultant on Staff. We are able to do your home inspection and inspect for the Minimum Property Standards. The MPS became the minimum mandatory repairs that need to be done.

The consultant will orchestrate the project which makes the Realtors job very easy. The Realtor doesn’t have to do any extra work than in a normal transaction because the trained consultant does the rest.

These programs work the best if you use HomeFront Inspection to do the initial home inspection because we are trained to also do the MPS inspection required for these programs. This will save the home buyer money because if they use another inspection company and they want to take advantage of these programs, HomeFront Inspection will have to do their own inspections because the other inspection companies don’t know how to inspect for these programs.

The ACE up our sleeve is we have a FHA Certified 203k Consultant that can save more deals for the Realtor.

To find out more about the FHA 203k program CLICK HERE.