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A broken sewer pipe can take the joys of your new home away. Broken sewer pipes are costly repairs sometimes 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Don’t make the costly mistake of buying your home without having the sewer pipe inspected.

The sewer inspection will save you buyer’s remorse and we will save you $50.00 off our regular price if conducted with our home inspection.

Why use Homefront Inspection?

Call today and schedule your home inspection and remember to request a Sewer Video inspection.

HomeFront Inspection, LLC


Sewer Inspection

Buyer Beware:

Not all sewer inspection companies are the same. There are companies that entice you with unreasonably low prices. Some of these companies are more like salesmen for the repair company. It has been reported that these low priced companies receive a large commission for repairs or do the repairs themselves. It has been witnessed that suggested repairs were reported when there are no repairs needed. Many people have decided not to buy the house because of this deception. Don't chance loosing your dream home to one of these companies.

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